LailaSoares is a French-Brazilian brand and is characterized by its artistic influences. Via a position of deliberately minimalist aesthetics, the garment, as a setting devoted to women, becomes an accessory for the sublimation of her individuality and a way to highlight her own world. This dynamic takes shape thanks to the fact that many pieces are reversible or adjustable. They are designed in such a way that they can be worn in various ways, allowing the wearer to personalize and appropriate them.
The results of this process have a striking and original appeal. From a formal point of view, the pieces distinguish themselves by precise geometric lines, without ever losing sight of the body and the sensuality of its shapes. The sober and neutral colors give the garments a sense of timelessness. Having strict control of the quality of her production and of the working conditions, the brand offers a selection of pieces produced with the greatest care in French and Brazilian ateliers and each piece is numbered and produced as a limited edition.